July 22nd - 23rdVirtual Event!

Serverless one-stop shop

Robert Slootjes

When: July 22 @10:15amET

Selling 60.000 festival tickets within an hour isn’t that big of a deal anymore. It does get more challenging when you also want to sell products from different vendors alongside while the user only pays once. In addition, we were demanded to go serverless, challenge accepted!Are you interested in finding out what kind of projects you can build using the AWS ecosystem? This is for you!For our client, one of the biggest organizers of events and festivals in the world (known for events like Sensation, Thunderdome, Defqon 1 Festival and Qlimax), we’ve developed a serverless “One Stop Shop” that allows users to buy products at various affiliated vendors while only having to pay once. The hard part here of course is that all these vendors have their own APIs which need to be informed about purchases while keeping stock in sync with the web shop. The application runs in the AWS ecosystem and we’re using the following services: API Gateway, Lambda, IoT Core, Elasticache (Redis), S3, SQS.After the talk you have learned how this project was architected to be extremely scalable and fault tolerant while staying cost-effective.

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