July 22nd - 23rdVirtual Event!

Powering a multi-vendor e-commerce platform with Gatsby

Anand Toshniwal

Anand Toshniwal

When: July 22 @2:45pmET

Traditionally Drupal commerce has been an exceptional CMS for serving e-commerce websites. However, it fails at matching the modern commerce sites when it comes to performance and User Experience. Gatsby can be leveraged to solve both these problems by rendering blazing fast static data, yet support commerce functions via direct API calls.In this session, we will share our experience around building a multi-vendor e-commerce site powered by Drupal commerce at its back-end and Gatsby as the front-end. A couple of questions that made us scratch our heads while working on the site were: - How to handle display and functional faceted search with Gatsby? - How to combine data from product bundles and indexing it right sequence with GraphQL enabling Gatsby to consume it in the front-end? - Handling product variations and attribute switch on the product display page? - Scalable code architecture to support display on new attributes/product types on Gatsby site. - Cart Session management.This talk will focus on the following areas: - Challenges integrating Drupal commerce with GatsbyJS. - Tooling required around it. - Debugging guidelines and tips. - Solutions that worked for us around the above-mentioned points. - How you can leverage APIs provided by GatsbyJS to tweak the data being indexed? - How to handle dynamic content? - Demo

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