July 22nd - 23rdVirtual Event!

Life after Drupal: Becoming Bodiless(JS)

Chris Oden

Erik Summerfield

When: July 22 @1:45pmET

Bodiless-JS (https://johnsonandjohnson.github.io/Bodiless-JS) is a new open-source framework for making editable websites on the JAMstack, built on React and Gatsby. This talk begins with the pain encountered over 4 years operating a large-scale Drupal 7 platform supporting hundreds of J&J consumer brand sites. We discuss the learnings which led us to explore an alternative to the monolithic CMS, and give a tour of Bodiless-JS--its philosophy, architecture and capabilities--showing how it solves problems of workflow, sustainable customization and speed to market while vastly reducing operational expense.

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