July 22nd - 23rdVirtual Event!

Headless and Decoupled Content Management: The Good and the Bad for the Business.

Roland Benedetti

Roland Benedetti

When: July 23 @11:15amET

Decoupling your content management software infrastructure is a technical endeavour that has much more to deal with software architecture than business models. Still, it relates a lot to the Business side too, potentially impacting its performance significantly, and not only the life of developers and IT teams. In this talk, we'll look into how a decoupled content management approach can have a substantial effect on the business for the better, but also how it can generate a negative impact. From exploring the promised land of delightful editorial experience for content creators to debunking the myth and going beyond the buzzword, this session intends to give digital leaders, with or without technical expertise, a better understanding of the opportunities and risks in going decoupled. It should help anyone involved in the building, buying or revamping of their content management infrastructure.

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