July 22nd - 23rdVirtual Event!

Getting started on your first FastAPI backend

Allie Micka

When: July 22 @4:00pmET

FastAPI is a Python framework that helps you build self-documenting REST APIs. It's fast to develop (and kind of fun) because it minimizes the amount of code you need to write for creating models and building APIs around them.It's fast to run - on par with NodeJs and Go - because it leverages the new asyncio in Python 3. And because it's cleverly built on existing libraries like Starlette and Pydantic, FastAPI enjoys a robust and ever-growing set of features.And if "fast" isn't enough, the documentation is great, the pace of development is steady, and the community is welcoming and friendly.FastAPI is a good framework to learn for if you want to try a new way of building microservices and data backends for decoupled sites. This session will offer a brief overview of its features and benefits, and a quick demonstration of how easy it can be to get started.

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