July 22nd - 23rdVirtual Event!

The five Ws of decoupled websites

Steve Persch

Steve Persch

When: July 22 @2:45pmET

More and more web teams are breaking up monolithic CMS-based websites into decoupled architectures. In a decoupled project, back-end and front-end developers can each use their preferred tools to accomplish their work. Decoupled projects have the potential to improve the performance, user experience, and value of public-facing sites.

Teams considering decoupled architectures may face an overwhelming number of choices, concerns over lost functionality from previous monoliths, and unfamiliarity with newer tools. But the reward is worth the risk! Join us and learn how decoupling gives you the power of flexibility and access to modern build practices which can provide a significant return on performance.

This introductory presentation will cover:

  • The forces driving modern front-end development
  • The pros and cons of various approaches to decoupling
  • Ways to minimize infrastructure costs by decreasing server loads
  • How decoupling can offer teams more options for handling standardization and customization across a large number of similar sites
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