July 22nd - 23rdVirtual Event!

Decoupled Drupal with Flutter

Mark Shropshire

Mark Shropshire

When: July 22 @1:45pmET

Decoupled Drupal has become commonplace with JavaScript front-end frameworks. That setup makes a lot of sense for decoupled websites and progressive web applications. What about accessing Drupal content from within native mobile Android and iOS applications, native desktop applications, and more? That is just what this session will dive into; combining the power of Drupal as a CMS, and Flutter for super fast and beautiful native apps.

Flutter is a Google-developed open source UI toolkit for building amazing, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from one codebase. Flutter is user and developer-focused around four vision pillars: beautiful, fast, productive, and open. While it is best known for helping launch mobile native apps, such as the official Hamilton app, it is now being used for building native desktop and web applications.

We will kick off this session discussing how native applications can benefit from integration with Drupal for content delivery to your users. Attendees will learn about native application use cases and when to use native application vs. PWAs (Progressive Web Applications). The session will wrap with a live mobile app demo, including code examples from the Contenta Flutter open source project!

Topics Covered

Why consume Drupal content with native applications?
Drupal and native application architecture
What’s Flutter?
Demo - Recipe magazine companion mobile app
Consuming content via Contenta CMS API
Saving persistent state and user data with Google Firebase

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