July 22nd - 23rdVirtual Event!

The challenge of migrating a large application to a decoupled architecture with Drupal JSON:API and Vue.js

Renato Gonçalves de Araújo

Renato Gonçalves de Araújo

Luis Ribeiro

When: July 23 @2:45pmET

In this session, we will show the challenge of migrating a large application to a new architecture completely decoupled using Drupal 8 with JSON:API on the backend and Vue.js + Nuxt on the Front-End.We'll demonstrate the use of integration with external services, such as CRM, SAP and ApiGee.We’ll especially explore and demonstrate below: AuthenticationCRM integrationSAP integrationMulti-siteTranslationSettingsDrupal CommerceAfter this session, the attendees will have clarity on what items they need to keep in mind before starting a large project using an unbound solution.

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