July 22nd - 23rdVirtual Event!

Composable building blocks for the web: An introduction to Gatsby Themes

Lennart Jörgens

Lennart Jörgens

When: July 23 @9:30amET

Short introduction to what Gatsby is (and how it is the orchestration layer for the content mesh), followed by a comparison of themes in general (e.g. Wordpress) compared to Gatsby Themes (and its interpretation of that). Followed by a short section on Theme UI as the preferred styling choice for Gatsby Themes. The attendees will know how Gatsby Themes are not just for styling but sharing functionality, how they enable teams to work together and how they tie together the different bits from the JAMstack. Lastly they get a glimpse at a constraint-based, design system-based styling choice that is not only great for Gatsby Themes.

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